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Saf-T-Glove / Powered Air Purifying Respirators / North® PAPR Cartridges & Filters

North® PAPR Cartridges & Filters

Picture of North® PAPR Cartridges & Filters North Safety Products

Powered air-purifying respirators with cartridges provide respiratory protection against gases and vapors by using sorbents to purify the inhaled air. Cartridges without particulate filters do not remove dust, fibers and other particles. North offers a selection of cartridges to provide respiratory protection against a range of industrial air contaminants. In addition, the P100 particulate filter and combo cartridges provide protection against aerosols by removing dusts, mists, fumes, fibers and other particulates; 99.97% minimum filter efficiency.  All cartridges are NIOSH approved; meet 42 CFR 84 requirements, when used with North Compact Air™ PAPR and Primair™ series hood systems. 3 cartridges per box. 4 boxes per case. Sold by the case.

SKU Description U/M 1-2 3+ Qty  
4001OV North® PAPR organic vapor catridge 12/case CS $415.42 $380.80
4003 North® PAPR organic vapor/acid gas catridge 12/case CS $539.49 $494.53
4004AM North® PAPR ammonia & methylamine catridge 12/case CS $501.31 $459.53
4003HE North® PAPR organic vapor/acid gas catridge w/HEPA filter 12/case CS $539.49 $494.53
4004HE North® PAPR ammonia & methylamine catridge w/HEPA filter 12/case CS $501.31 $459.53
40HE North® HEPA particulate filter 12/case CS $272.15 $249.47