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Saf-T-Glove / Heat & Flame Resistant / Lakeland® Pyrolon® CRFR Flame Retardant Limited-Use Coveralls

Lakeland® Pyrolon® CRFR Flame Retardant Limited-Use Coveralls

Picture of Lakeland® Pyrolon® CRFR Flame Retardant Limited-Use Coveralls Lakeland Industries, Inc.

Pyrolon® CRFR protective wear is unique. It's disposable, chemical resistant, and flame resistant. Pyrolon® CRFR garments bar contaminating flammables like paint, oil, and grease, hazardous liquids, dry particulates, and other harmful contaminants from penetrating to inner clothing. Pyrolon® CRFR features light chemical splash protection, self extinguishing, won’t melt or drip and meets NFPA 2113 requirements. Coverall features collar and zipper front. Green color. Sizes: Small thru 5XL. 6 per case. Sold by the case.


Must be worn over thermally protective coveralls, such as woven Nomex®, in environments where flash fire is a concern.


SKU Description U/M 1-2 3+ Qty  
51110S Pyrolon® CRFR plain coverall Small CS $198.65 $182.10
51110M Pyrolon® CRFR plain coverall Medium CS $198.65 $182.10
51110L Pyrolon® CRFR plain coverall Large CS $198.65 $182.10
51110XL Pyrolon® CRFR plain coverall XLarge CS $198.65 $182.10
51110-2XL Pyrolon® CRFR plain coverall 2XLarge CS $208.58 $191.20
51110-3XL Pyrolon® CRFR plain coverall 3XLarge CS $219.02 $200.77
51110-4XL Pyrolon® CRFR plain coverall 4XLarge CS $229.96 $210.80
51110-5XL Pyrolon® CRFR plain coverall 5XLarge CS $241.47 $221.35